Monday, 31 January 2011

A change of direction.

I have started this blog due to a change in direction in my training. I have been training continuously in aikido over the last eight years. Having gained a solid foundation in this martial art I have started to feel unsettled. I am looking for something a little different. More serious maybe, more complete? I'm not sure. I have started to think about how to generate internal power. I have been playing around with ideas during training time on the mat and trying solo exercises I have discovered through Aikiweb forums. However, nothing beats having a teacher. Over the last one and a half years I have become interested in koryu (classical Japanese fighting arts) and as luck would have it, a study group exists not far from where I live. I only stumbled upon this fact recently. The more I read about this martial art, the more I am intrigued and fascinated. So I have contacted the instructor and he is to contact me shortly and have a chat about my possible acceptance into their training.

Up until now, I have been blogging on my aikido club's website. I feel that this is not appropriate to do so anymore if I am to practice another martial art. So "Budo Chronicles" was born. I may continue to train with my aikido dojo if it is possible but I'll keep you posted on that one. In the meantime I may post some of my blogs that I placed on the aikido site to give you an idea of how I think about budo.

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