Saturday, 26 February 2011

The first step in a long journey.

I had my second, 2 and a half hour session of TSYR today. I was more relaxed and really enjoyed the training. The instructor said he was happy for me to continue as a student in this ryu and we discussed how often I would train and what costs I needed to pay to join up. I was given a copy of the first sets of kata I am to learn so that I can make notes as I go. So, I have begun my journey into this martial art.

Today we looked at techniques against strikes to the face. There are three. Some of them require good ukemi skills to fall out of safely and, once again, I am thankful for my eight years of aikido. Unlike aikido, both sides of the body are not practiced. These techniques assume that the person is right-handed and must be able to clear their sword whenever possible.

We then moved into sword disarming techniques. Some were similar to what I have done in aikido. However, it is how the techniques are powered and the suddenness of the movements that differentiate the two arts.

 I am getting to know my fellow practitioners as well. We all have families and range in age from 30s upwards. A serious, mature group who can laugh at themselves.

I have decided to train on the Saturday mornings and the Tuesday evenings to keep up with the rest of the group. As it is, I'm one of the newest members and I have plenty to learn.

Very exciting times lie ahead.

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