Thursday, 7 July 2011

Young aikidoka

I recently had the privilege of inviting two of my own students to test for 5th and 4th kyu at my sensei's aikido club. I always enjoy the opportunity to see how the teenage students cope with the test conditions and it gives me an idea of how our little dojo is progressing. Both students are showing strength in the basics. They deliver such techniques as ikkyo and nikyo from katate tori with crispness and are well grounded. Their taisabaki is clean and strong. There are of course areas for improvement. As they perform more advanced techniques, especially from strikes, their under-confidence rattles their nerves and their posture suffers. They begin to move more from the shoulders and they lose their centre. This is to be expected and they still created the right shape for the technique. Overall, I am proud of their efforts and look forward to the next lesson I have with them. I have a clear direction to go in my teaching for the next little while.

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