Tuesday, 6 December 2011

You, the audience and body throws

At the recent seminar, I met some of you (the audience) that read my blog. I was happy to find out the blog is read and people have an interest in what I write. I checked the stats on my page and it appears at least five people have viewed my most recent blog. So here is my request. If you have read one of my posts then please leave a comment or add yourself as a follower so I stay inspired to continue writing. I’m extremely happy to hear that some of you enjoy reading my posts, so please let me know.

Now, for a completely different topic. Last time I wrote, Toby Threadgill had been visting. However, we had one more session with him last night. The theme – body throws. You know, the typical throws you might see in judo. I have said before that the martial arts I training in are body arts. Nowhere is this truer than in body throws. Where you take the structure of your opponent, break his balance so that he depends on you to stay upright, and then you take that support away. I have much to learn in this area. The most important lesson I took away is to not apply more force than necessary. Provided I create the right, connected shape, the technique will happen. Some of the breakfalls occurred so fast that neither the thrower or uchitachi knew how it happened.
Ok, my brain is at information overload and I’m very tired from about 17 hours of intensive training so I’ll write more soon.


  1. Hi, I'm one of your readers ;-). A french guy, following Toby when he comes to Europe and sometimes translating budo articles into french on my own blog.


  2. Thanks for following, I hope you find what I write interesting.

  3. Sure, I'm doing my own transition from Aikido to TSYR... So I share some of your feelings. Very interesting, keep posting.