Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Martial Ramblings

So I was looking at the purpose of this blog and it is supposed to be about the transition from aikido to TSYR. However, that transition is complete as far as I can tell. I no longer practice aikido and only train in TSYR. So where to from here? 
I guess the 'chronicles' continue. I am still on a martial arts journey. I look at the transition as the next step in that journey. The things I'm learning in TSYR are enhancing and refining the foundation I had in place in aikido. I was going through the conditioning exercises last night on the back lawn and paying attention to what I was feeling as I went through each motion. I can feel a springyness in my body that was never there before, kind of like a tightness but not as in stiff muscles more like a coiled spring that I can release if I want to. It is a strange feeling. I feel strong, not in the body builder sense but in the sense that I feel robust, stable. 

My knowledge of the sword kata is increasing but my execution is poor. As my body skills get better I am beginning to make connections between different movements and see some trends in the art. There is so much to learn and then there is so much to correct!

The TSYR group has consolidated now to about 10 people and that is a good group of dedicated individuals. I doubt my instructor will be looking for any more people at this stage. 

Well, back to life and training.