Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Do internal strength exercises and grow three centimetres!

I know, it sounds like a dodgy advertisement but since training in the nairiki no gyo in TSYR I have increased three centimetres in height.
My partner noticed I was looking down at her and when we met eight years ago we were the same height so it got us thinking. We measured each other against the door frame and then got out the tape measure just to make sure she wasn't the one shrinking! She is still 1.83m while I now stand 1.86m.
The only explanation I can give is that the internal strength exercises are causing the muscles to stretch my spine resulting in better posture. I certainly hold my posture better than I used to.

Had this not happened to me personally I wouldn't have believed an adult could grow taller. I'm 37 years old so there is no chance of an overdue growth spurt.

Just another good reason to train in internal strength.


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