Monday, 2 December 2013

Enter the Kaicho...and his students!

I have just spent a weekend training with the headmaster of TSYR, Toby Threadgill. Now, he has been over to New Zealand quite a few times but never with some of his senior students in tow. We had the pleasure of training with Marco Pinto of Portugal, Brent Carey from Hombu Dojo, Colorado and Douglas Walker from Portland, Oregon. These three men hold Shoden teaching licences and could teach a seminar by themselves. 
How would I describe the two days I attended? EXHILARATING! 

We covered tanto disarms, kumitachi, taijutsu and kumi tanto. Just being on the receiving end of an attack from one of these guys is an experience. They bring another level of intensity to the training. 

Threadgill Sensei was at his best. His techniques were subtle and he took my centre so early in a technique that he had me from the moment of contact at times. Better still he had great ways of explaining how to do some of the stuff he was doing. 

The members of the Hamilton dojo are progressing as well. No matter who I had as a training partner on the mat, I was working with a competent martial artist. It made for a fulfilling experience.

So thank you to all those who stepped onto that mat over the weekend. My training was better for it.

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