Sunday, 30 August 2015

Shindo Yoshin Ryu and Wado Ryu Karate

It is this time of the year again, when the Kaicho of TSYR, Toby Threadgill visits New Zealand to teach at our dojo. This year, the seminar was different. Norma Foster a 7th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate joined Toby in teaching at the seminar. The goal of this seminar was to show the connection between the two martial arts.

Foster and Threadgill Seminar 2015

The founder of Wado Ryu was a man named Hironori Ohtsuka and he had studied Shindo Yoshin Ryu to a high level. This influenced his style of karate. This influence can still be seen in some of the techniques in the modern budo. Norma and Toby spent the weekend explaining some of these connections.

On Friday night Alan Roberts hosted a two hour session at his dojo in Auckland. This was an open seminar and gave interested people the opportunity to see Threadgill sensei in action. 40 people came to train and hear what Threadgill sensei had to say.

On Saturday morning Foster Sensei and Threadgill Sensei co-taught at the Hamilton dojo and explained how the modern budo (Wado) has its roots in an older koryu bujutsu (TSYR) and the links can be shown. It was an interesting morning and I was able to try my hand at some fundamental Wado Karate techniques. Needless to say I was a fish out of water as I have had no experience in such things. It was humbling and challenging.

After lunch we split up and Norma Foster continued training the karateka and Toby Threadgill taught the TSYR practitioners. Threadgill Sensei took us through throwing drills and some kata that had recently been moved into the Shoden curriculum.

Sunday morning saw us working in our split groups again and the TSYR group began working on kneeling techniques. Threadgill sensei imparted some great gems of wisdom and technical advice.

In the late afternoon, the two instructors had a Q & A session with everyone.

Overall it was a great weekend and everyone was happy but very tired afterward.


  1. Great To see that you tried out Wado. :-)
    Best regards to Sensei Threadgill and Sensei Norma. You guys are lucky. ;-)

    1. What I did probably didn't look like Wado. ;)
      Its was nice to meet Foster Sensei and always a pleasure to learn from Sensei Threadgill.

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