Sunday, 20 December 2015

The next step...

I find myself at an interesting time in my martial arts journey. Tomorrow, I begin building my private dojo at my home. In April this year my wife and two girls moved into a new house. This property has a 90 metre square shed as well. At about the same time as the move, my father-in-law passed away. It was a difficult time for us but 7 months on we are settled and moving on with our lives. My marvelous wife donated a proportion of her father's inheritance to allow me to build a dojo in part of the large shed. She also has a cousin who is a builder and after having a discussion with him he was happy to help with the build. He arrives tomorrow to begin on the sprung floor. 

I am documenting every step of the build and will blog about the details in future posts. 

When people heard I was building a private dojo some started to ask if I would begin teaching Aikido again. I have agreed to teach one boy and his friend once the dojo is functional. I will see how this goes but at this stage I do not want to commit to scheduled classes as I have to balance my work and family as well as my own training. Although the small amount of money I get from teaching I will put into pursuing my own training. 

This brings me to my next point. My Aikido training and credentials. When I passed my Nidan grading I did not receive a certificate. I have no documentation to say what I have achieved and I feel that those who wish to have tuition from me are owed at least that. So, I will be talking with my Aikido teacher over the next month or so and re-establishing ties and working out what I need to do to consolidate my Aikido rank. It may mean re-grading or joining an organisation for credibility in the eyes of the public. I certainly believe I am a better martial artist since my transition to TSYR. The 'engine' has been refined and is ready to power Aikido techniques. However, the public do not know this, so time to get some documentation. 

Having a private dojo also allows other training opportunities. I will be welcoming any TSYR member to come and train. There is a loft area for bedding so staying over is not a problem. I can also train more often without compromising time with my family. I can simply walk out of my house and into my dojo for an hour of solo training whenever it fits with family life. Now, that is exciting!

So in the meantime I have an exciting project that will change the direction of my training for good.


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    1. Yes, indeed. I am very excited at the opportunities this presents.

  2. “Live every moment with all your energy. Don’t stop, keep going, steadily – that is life.”

    - Shigeru Uchiyama