Sunday, 9 October 2016

Training in the Hills

I recently had the honour of having my instructor, Chris come out and train at the Te Miro Dojo, my private dojo on my property. He came out with Pete and asked me to set the structure of the class. I took the three of us through warm ups and then Nairiki no Gyo. Then we spent most of the two hours working through the five idori kata that have recently been placed in the Shoden Mokuroku. We hadn't practised them for a while and we were rusty. The guys appreciated the softer mats I have at my dojo. The Hamilton dojo has hard puzzle-mats and although they are on a sprung floor, it doesn't help much when working from our knees. In the last half hour we worked on the standing Uchite set. 

Pete (left) and Chris (right) at TSYR hombu with headmaster Toby Threadgill.

It was a fine spring morning with nice views of the hills and native trees. Great training with good men. Afterwards we popped down to Cambridge for a light lunch before going our separate ways for the weekend. Its times like these that I am reminded of what great friends I have with the TSYR people. It was my perfect morning.

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