Monday, 28 March 2011

House of knives!

Saturday training was a blast.
We concentrated on just a few of the strengthening exercises and then got straight into some techniques where both opponents are on their knees. Some of it was very aikido-esque and it made my life a little easier. One technique are pretty much yonkyo.

After that we trained in tanto work. Now, the techniques taught in this martial art are nothing like what we do in aikido. They are nasty, nasty techniques, most have the neck as their target. I really enjoyed the effortless way that the knife winds around a limb or torso. Scary stuff! All the other practitioners have been studying these techniques for a while so they had plenty to teach me. I was taught five kata where both opponents have a knife. The person that receives the attack (and ultimately wins) holds the tanto in a reverse grip. There are five more kata where the tanto is held in a forward (normal?) grip. I am yet to see those.

What I am really enjoying about TSYR is how all the principles are clearly taught and applied in each kata. Be it a sword, tanto or unarmed. There is a consistency and martial viability that is lacking in some aikido.

I am also enjoying my aikido training in that, the body movement principals I'm picking up in TSYR are translating nicely into my aikido.

I can't wait until tomorrow (Tuesday). On this night I teach aikido to some teenagers at my school. Then I drive to my own aikido training. Finally after that I have one hour of TSYR training. A full but extremely exciting night.

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